Skype Sessions

Skype sessions or coaching are offered for following reasons:

  • Personal conversation about your upcoming hypnosis session
  • Support for your preparations about your hypnosis session
  • Discussing your concerns about your hypnosis session
  • Following up your past hypnosis session
  • Life coaching regarding your past hypnosis session
  • Life coaching concerning past lives, bothering emotional patterns, paranormal and spiritual experiences.
  • Channeling/Medium for loved ones who have passed on.

Note: We are not offering QHHT sessions on Skype. However we are offering Quantum Healing & Introspective Hypnosis sessions on Skype if the circumstances allows it. Please contact us first by email to discuss an online Skype Hypnosis session and read about Skype Hypnosis sessions here.

To book a Skype session, contact us first by email, thank you.

Skype online rates (without hypnosis session)

Skype 1 hour $100.00

Skype 2 hours $200.00

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