Quantum Healing, Introspective, and Clinical Hypnosis

Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Introspective Hypnosis, and Clinical Hypnosis work includes different modalities and techniques to help the client the best way possible. This includes life coaching, past life regression, forgiveness therapy, role change, self parts, spiritual assistance, spirit & attachment releasing, working with habits, phobias, emotions, sports endurance, self esteem, change work, and pain management.

However, QHHT is a technique that is not mixed with other techniques. Clients that are booking a QHHT will get the original technique used in the session without the described work with Quantum healing, Introspective Hypnosis, and clinical hypnosis.

Quantum healing, Introspective Hypnosis, and Clinical Hypnosis allows me to work with a very open and critical mind and to use pathways and guidance. It’s not much about the techniques and inductions etc. that are different, but openness to allow to work with a more expanded perception. My main goal in whatever hypnosis technique is used, is to help and support clients in the most appropriate way for them. To know what is the most appropriate way is examined in the very important interview before the session begins.

After booking a session date, the client arrives and we go through the interview, the actual session and the debriefing. A session can take up to five hours. I also do follow up sessions depending what we may be working on.

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