Disclaimer Hypnosis Session

Please read this disclaimer carefully and fill out the form to start your reservation for a hypnosis session.

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Hypnosis therapy is a straightforward but multifaceted spiritual therapeutic approach to address emotional, mental and physical issues of a person. You will make your own decision if you want this form of therapy to be carried out or not.

Every person asking for some sort of therapy, counseling or session will be supported and assisted individually.

The process of a hypnosis session or therapy can take different amounts of time to work through. I will guide the client through the process and suggest the steps to be taken. If and how much time a client wants to spend for therapy with me is solely the client’s decision. I will provide suggestions for the best kind of therapy or work to be done but keep the decision to the client’s discretion. I take the right to refuse services if I deem it to be in the best interest of the client or me.

The success of every therapy or session lies primarily in the hands of the client.

QHHT Iowa (Heidi Wilson) is not a licensed Physician, nor a licensed Psychiatrist or Mental Health Practitioner and can not diagnose nor treat any type of physical or mental disorders. Please contact a physician before a session if you feel you need to be under medical care. We can refuse the right of a service if we feel it is in the safety of the client and refer to someone who would be more of assistance for the client. The guidance and insight provided through services is intended to help clients toward their own happiness and fulfillment, and that a client is always free to make their own choices at will, regardless of the interpretation of the information. 

Please fill out and complete the following form and submit. Any information placed here is protected for client’s privacy. Thank you.

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