about-heidiFor as young as I can remember I would always have questions. Why we choose the things we do? Why we choose to feel the way we do? Why we choose to believe the way we do? etc. etc. As a child I would sit and watch and observe. People would think I was quiet or even shy. What they didn’t know is I was feeling what they were feeling. I guess you could say I was sensitive. Not to other people, but sensitive to other emotions. I just thought this was normal. This is a question that many of us want to know. Who am I? Where do I come from? What do I need to know? Why do I feel not connected? Why do I feel the way I do? Why am I constantly searching? What am I searching for? I grew an understanding more and more as I got older. There were times the emotions got so intense my heart would beat like it was going to explode. What I didn’t realize is I was really having full blown heart attacks. As a child you can’t understand and you just hope it goes away, but it didn’t. My hearing would go first. I could see everything around me. Everything moving, but no sound. Then slowly my vision would dissipate and I would see stars. That is when it got scary. Fear started creeping in, but I was curious to experience another part of who I was. So I would sit down and just allow whatever to take its course. I was forced to release my fear. My heart would start to slow down again and then I was back to normal. For many seconds I was experiencing what I believe to be an out of body experience.  I was given a choice to leave my body or go back and find what I was suppose to find. I received my answer and the reason I was the way I was. I was able to release my fear and just be who I was. I realized there were lessons I still needed to learn. People who I needed to find, and people who needed to find me. To experience all the emotions within ourselves. To experience sadness, anger, excitement, resentment, joy, forgiveness. I had not only found my purpose but another part of who we are. Love. Today I reach people from all over to help them grow and understand the questions they may have. I am a student, teacher, facilitator, and a creator of my reality. Not only am I teaching my clients, but they are teaching me. There is no such thing as a coincidence. There are reasons for everything we experience. A reason you are reading this today. Today my heart has been repaired. I no longer have these episodes, but still have the memories and knowing of another part of who we are.

Heidi Wilson QHHT Level 2 and Quantum Healing & Introspective Hypnosis Practitioner, Des Moines, Iowa





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